Beelite Inc.

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We can just pay you CASH for your cappings. Of course, we would need to see them before quoting you an exact price, but we pay up to $300 per drum upfront.

Rendering Charges

  • Slumgum $120 Per Press/Tank (Slumgum should produce about 100lbs of beeswax per press)
  • Cappings $120 Per Press/Tank (Cappings should produce about 175lbs of beeswax per press and a tank can produce as much as 300lbs)


Wax Buying Prices "Call for most up to date prices."

  • Dark Wax $2.25/lb
  • Light Wax $3.00/lb


Hauling Charges

  • $1 a loaded mile
  • Hauling charges are paid w/ Wax at the current price per pound.
  • We NEVER send you a bill


Some things to think about before you arrange for us to come to pick up your slumgum. Beeswax NEVER goes bad when it's in a block form however there is a shelf life on Cappings, and Slumgum there are also some conditions that can destroy your beeswax that you're probably aware of they are as follows.

  • Over Heating (Beeswax can easily be destroyed if it's heated hotter than 205F)
  • Water (Cappings and Slum can be destroyed if left in a drum outside in the rain with no drain hole in the drum for more than 3 years)
  • Baking in an Oven @400F for any amount of time can greatly degrade your beeswax and can affect the way it will burn in candles.
  • The slum that has been kept Cool and DRY inside may last over 20 years (it's very important that it has been dry if it's nearing that old)


Please NOTE: Our proprietary system is very effective at recovering Beeswax, its the same system my Grandfather invented some 50 years ago, and IMO is still the most effective method today, however, in some rare cases where we receive slumgum that is NOT usable or returns less than what covers the shipping and labor costs of processing you will NOT receive a check for the wax recovered. All prices are based on 100lbs of wax per drum. There is no return on bad slum received due to the fact once we have processed the slum in our system there will be no material to return even if there was insufficient wax found during processing. In these situations many of our competitors would send you a bill for their time and efforts even though they were unable to recover any wax, we NEVER send bills for processing.