Beelite Inc.

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So you're probably wondering what can Beelite Beeswax Recovery do for you?

lets begin

What we do is take your slumgum that you have collected into a 55gal. drum, or other container and turn it into beautiful yellow 20lb slabs.

We have three main ways we can work for you explained below:

We can come to you, and pickup at your convenience.

  • We can pay you cash for you slumgum, or cappings wax upon pick-up.
  • OR we can render your slumgum, and/or cappings wax first, and then mail you a check for the wax we recovered -minus our rendering fees after we have finished your job.
  • OR if you would like your wax back we can bill you the rendering charges and arrange to get your wax back to you. Shipping charges may also apply.


Another thing we do here at Beelite Beeswax Recovery is clean beeswax from dirty dark brown or sometimes even black, back to it's more natural yellow color. This is done without any harsh chemilcals in our proprietary cleaning process.


We can:

  • Refine your beeswax
  • Provide rendering service to beekeepers, and beekeeper associations.
  • Purchase slumgum, and cappings for CASH
  • We run a pick-up service for truck load lots (25+ drums can be in more than 1 stop)