Beelite Inc.

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About Us


     The genesis of Beelite Beeswax Recovery began over seventy-five years ago in the apiary of my grandfather, Stanley Trescott. As a conscientious beekeeper, my grandfather regularly rendered the beeswax left over after extracting honey from his many hives. In 2001, Tim "my father" started working on refining the beeswax, through a filtration system, in order to provide finer, superior quality beeswax. Using a filtration system, rather than harsh chemicals to process the wax, we keep the beeswax as pure as nature intended.

     The family has migrated honeybees from Florida to New York for many years. Beelite Beeswax Recovery relocated to the Mountains of North Carolina in 2011. As Fourth Generation Beekeepers, Tim's sons, Adam and Zach have worked in the family Apiary with bees and wax since they were old enough to crack open a hive. Tim and his sons know the wax operation from beginning to end, with experience in recovering beeswax from beehive by-products, including Slumgum, Cappings, Hive Wax Scraping, and "Old Comb*".

*We no longer accept old comb because our equipment can't handle the large volume of wood.