Beelite Inc.

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Welcome to our site

Welcome To Beelite Beeswax Recovery we are an American company that refines 100% natural beeswax for beekeepers all over the United States. This website is a work in progress have a look around and stop back often to see new updates.

Our Goal

Our goal at Beelite Beeswax Recovery is to produce the highest quality beeswax on the market without using harsh chemicals and to help the US beekeepers focus on extracting honey, and working their bees while we handle their wax in a timely and efficient manner.

Pick-up Service

We run a pick-up service on the East Coast and can pick-up full loads anywhere this side of the Mississippi.

Why us?

Here are just a few of the reasons you'll be happy you chose Beelite Beeswax Recovery.

  • Our proprietary system recovers every pound of beeswax and purifies it back to a natural brilliant yellow color. 
  • We pay CASH for slum and cappings.
  • We can pick-up at your convenience with no charge for pickup.